Questions and Answers

Do I need to register?

Registration is optional, however some functions are only available to registerd users. Having an account will let you follow your favorite channels, make favorite collections, comment on videos and photo albums as well as upload your own videos and photos. It will also allow the system to"learn" what you like and populate your "What to Watch" stream with content favorable to your taste.


How to make the most of my account?

Follow your favorite channels and engage in comment discussions. If you are following other channels your "What to Watch" stream will show you their latest uploads and activity. Having followers will help your videos and photos reach more people, when you upload a new video or an album all your followers will have it listed in their "What to Watch" stream, if they like it or comment on it  their followers will also receive it and so on.


Is it really free?

Yes,having an account is completely free. We will NOT ask you for your credir card or any other form of payment upon registration, there no monthly fees or charges.


What is 'Watch to Watch' and how does it work?

When you log in the home page will display your "What to Watch" stream. The stream is your personalized feed, it will display recent uploads or activity from the channels you follow. Over time the system also detects your preferences and recommends content that may be favorable to your taste.


I forgot my password / username, what can I do?

If you don't remember your username or password just click / tap the "login" button on the top right side of the screen, then click / tap the "forgotten password" button below the login form. You will be prompted to enter your email address and a message will be sent to you with further instructions.


How to change my username / password?

Hover / tap on your username or avatar on the top right of the page then select "Account Details". Password can be changed uder "Login Details".  The change should take effect instantly, however sometimes it may take few minutes for changes to propagate trough our servers.


What does it mean when videos or photos are labeled 'private'?

Some videos and photos are uploaded as private. Private content dos not appear in public indexes, such as "videos" and "photos" pages, search results, categorized streams or tag pages. You can only access such content if you have been granted private access by the channel owner.

If you want to gain private access to given channel, you have to first subscribe to the channel, then request a private subscription.


Videos disapper from my favorites / history, how can that be?

If a video is deleted or suspended it will disappear from all indexes, including your favorites and history. It can also happen if the video/photo album have been made private and you don't have private access to the channel.


Can I upload videos or photos?

You sure can! However you can only upload videos / photos of yourself and your friends if they give you permission to do so. All videos should follow our guidelines, If you try to upload illegal videos or photos it will lead to termination of your account, we may also report you to the authorities in your jurisdiction. Play nice and you won't get spanked!

You are also obligated to keep 2257 records of all submissions and be prepared to send it to us if we ask you to do so, if you fail to provide such records we will suspend your account, in some cases we may also report you to the authorities in your jurisdiction.


How many videos / albums can I upload per day?

There is no daily limit for uploads, however you can only have three videos and three photo albums pending approval at any given time. For example, if you already have three videos pending approval you will have to wait until one becomes active before you will be able to upload a video again, same applies to photo albums.


Can I get backlinks to my site?

No, unless you are a content partner.

if you are a webmaster and you have custom built tours to your sponsors you can put a watermark on your videos or photos but you can't have banners or links pointing to your sites.


I can't upload videos - 'browser not supported'

Our upload forms use html5 for uploading files. If you see this message, it is very likely that your browser is old and does not support html5, there is fallback to basic upload for such browsers, however this is only available for photos, videos can not be uploaded without a html5 capable browser. You can update your browser to the latest version or you can install a second browser, such as firefox or chrome


Why can't I change my video details after upload?

We manually review all videos submitted by users for compliance with our rules, to help our staff meet the demand and prevent any fraudulent actions, after a video is submitted no further changes can me made on it's title, description or tags, nor the video file can be changed; upon review, if the video is approved, our staff may make changes / corrections to the title, description and tags, those changes will be final, you can still change its public / private status but no other changes will be possible; if you want to change the video file with a longer / shorter version or different quality / resolution, you can delete the video and upload it again. In special cases, if you believe that there is a serious mistake in the title / description, you can request a change from your support assistant. 

Why can't I change my photo album details after upload?

We manually review all photo albums submitted by users for compliance with our rules, to help our staff meet the demand and prevent any fraudulent actions, after a photo albums is submitted no further changes can be made on its title, description or tags, neither new photos can be added to the same album; You can create another album (vol 2) and upload the new photos, this will also bring more attention to your new photos as the new album will be on the top of your subscribers feeds and public indexes. You can still change the album's public / private status, delete photos and reorder the images* at any time; In special cases, if you believe that there is a serious mistake in the title / description, you can request a change from your support assistant. 

* - reordering photos within you album is currently only available on desktop and laptop computers, you can not reorder the images from your mobile phone or tablet.

How to add more photos to existing album?

You can't add more photos to existing album. We recommend to submit a second album with the new photos, using the same title with "vol 2" at the end, this will also bring much more exposure your new photos.


I need to keep 2257 records, what is this?

We require all users who upload videos and / or photos to keep the required records under 18 U.S.C Section 2257 US Federal Law. Further, we also require users to keep those records as well for erotic photos and videos. This records should be kept at your home and include a name of the photo / video shoot, the date it was taken, the full names of all people involved and scanned copies of their photo ID.

more information bout 18 USC 2257


I am not in the US, do I need to keep 2257 records?

Yes! Our terms and conditions require all users to keep such records regardless ot their residence, we also require users to be prepared to provide those records upon request, failure to comply will result in termination of your account.


I can send messages to some users but I can't send to others?

You can only send messages to channels you are subscribed to or people in your following.


How to block users of writing messages to me?

Yoy can only block users who are following your channel, to do so go to "My Profile"->"Followers" find the user and click / tap "block".

You can not block users if you are following their channel, you will have to unsubscribe from their channel as well.

Note: when you block a user they will loose the ability to write to you and to follow your channel, your uploads or activities will no longer be published on their stream.


How to delete my account?

If you want to terminate your account and delete all records, messages, comments, videos and photos from our database and servers, you have to send a message to your support assistant and request a complete termination of your account. Account termination usually takes 2 -3 days, all files become inaccessible immediately, however erasing all traces of the files from our network of servers my take up to two weeks.

NOTE: Because of the adult nature of the materials shared by our members we do not allow users to delete accounts on their own, we reserve the right to keep the information as evidence in cases where users abuse the system and take fraudulent or illegal actions.